December 21st marks the beginning of the Winter Solstice. Pagans celebrate the rebirth of the sun as the beginning of the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year which in turn welcomes the days becoming longer again, heading towards Spring.


In this fantastic article from the Smithsonian, Brian Handwerk describes the effects that long, dark winters have on health and how we can use artificial UV light to boost our essential Vitamin D levels

Here at The Tanning Shop, we are dedicated to promoting responsible tanning and the health benefits associated with it. Vitamin D deficiency is a global pandemic as decribed by Lorena Nessi PHd and we as individuals need to take care of our own health and wellbeing (the fact that we can relax on a sunbed for a few minutes is an added perk) Of course, it is absolutely essential that session length and frequency is appropriate for each individuals skin type and tanning history. Not just to reduce risk of over-exposure, but to develop the tan that you want and to help boost the production of Vitamin D

Both articles make clear that the recent focus on avoiding Sun exposure annd slathering on the factor 50 and dashing for cover at the sightest sunbeam has contributed to an increase in health conditions associated with the lack of Vitamin D, from Depression and Diabetes to a plethora of Cancers and serious diseases of the major organs. There is now greater focus on these health conditions and if we can promote our health and wellbeing whilst reducing the risk of developing chronic illness by relaxing for a few minutes, well that is not a bad thing


Keeping your skin well exfoliated and thoroughly moisturised encourages the skins natural reactions to UV light. As we have said previously, if humans were designed to stay out of UV light, these biological reactions would not be in place as part of the bodies natural and essential function.

Therefore, as we have just come through the longest night of the year, it is time to rejuvenate our bodies Vitamin D store and start looking forward to a New Year.

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*UV tanning not available to under 18’s. UV tanning is not a substitute for medical advice. If taking medication or receiving medical treatment, consult with your GP prior to commencing a tanning programme. Terms and Conditions Apply