Affinity tanning technology available from The Tanning Shop

Three “Ultra Performance Plus” facial tanners including two ensure that perfect tan.

Facial Tanners

  • 2 Facial tanners with “Ultra Performance” technology
  • Comfort cooling system as standard with optional Aqua Fresh and Aroma
  • Optional 3D sound system for perfect music enjoyment
  • Uneven tan marks are solved by inbuilt neck and shoulder tanners.
  • Now you can control UV output to the face unlike other sunbeds. Room temperature climate control & aqua fresh mist spray mean you won’t work up a sweat.
  • The new 3D-Sound system complete with Subwoofer will give you an exceptional sound experience. The large format body shape base acrylic ensures a relaxing and comfortable tanning result.

That’s not all! With the Affinity you also get the following amazing features:

The Affinity sunbed at The Tanning Shop will determine customers specific skin tone through the IQ sensor. A tanning session can now be provided according to your specific skin type, this means tailored tanning results at The Tanning Shop.

The difference is the way in which you tan. Ordinary sunbeds have a fixed level of UVA and UVB output, therefore you would have to determine the amount of time you go on for. With the Affinity 660 IQ it will adjust the output intensity of the fixed UVA and UVB according to your skin tone.


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