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The Tanning Shop is dedicated to providing responsible tanning solutions in a professional and friendly environment.

As well as providing you with a way to tan responsibly we also want you to be able to tan conveniently and this is where our range of tanning packages and memberships help out.

These fantastic deals not only allow you to pre-purchase minutes on your favourite sunbeds but will also save you up to 50% on the standard price per minute. The Tanning Shop have two different types of deal…

Our Packages – This deal will allow you to buy packages of minutes, anywhere between 30 and 150 minutes at a time, which can then be used to tan at any time throughout the year. Should you find that you are not able to use your package for an extended period of time, please talk to a staff member in-store or contact customer services for assistance

Our Memberships – A membership is a brilliant choice for regular tanners and is where you can make the biggest savings as this deal allows you to tan an unlimited amount of time for a whole month (31 days). At least 24 hours must elapse between sessions to allow the tanning process to complete effectively.

You will know from our registration process that session length is determined by skin type and this also guides your session frequency. If you are not able to attend the store for an extended period of time, please speak to a member of the store team or e-mail customer services

Our aim is to help you build a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan in a responsible way. Ask about your personal tanning plan in-store today

Our Lotions – Whether you prefer UV or Sunless Tanning methods,  we will help you build, maintain and care for your tan. We have tanning and skincare products, available in-store. The fantastic range offers a great choice; from base tan builders to bronzing lotions, intensive moisturising lotion to self-tanners. All of our products are chosen for their effectiveness at delivering a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan.

Save Time & Book Online – Another innovation from the Tanning Shop is the ability to book online. At the moment we are working on a solution to allow customers to purchase minutes and packages online – Stay tuned for updates!

All of our valued customers can currently book their favourite store, bed and time right now through our book online feature

Visit us whenever and wherever is convenient for you, whether you’re across town or travelling to another city, we have stores across the UK & Ireland with extended hours to meet your busy schedule.

Register Now – The Tanning Shop registration process enables our trained tanning consultants to ensure your tanning experience is an enjoyable one.

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to promoting responsible tanning practices to help you achieve the tan you want! Register in-store or online using the following link

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