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How many minutes should I have?

Session length is determined by skin type and tanning history. The first session with us is usually the minimum session length suitable for your skin type which in turn enables our trained Tanning Consultants to help you design the tanning package to suit you.

Which bed should I use?

The Tanning Shop trains our Tanning Consultants to assist clients to choose equipment to suit their individual preferences. Stand-Up tanning is fantastic for short, convenient tanning whereas lay-down tanning is great for relaxing. We even have sensor-controlled tanning with the revolutionary Sun Angel, designed to tailor sessions to suit your skin type.

What is the difference between UV and Spray Tanning?

UV tanning promotes the body to create a tan which fades slowly whereas spray tanning fades as skin cells slough off (usually between 5-7 days)

How do I prepare my skin for UV tanning?

Dry skin reflects light and sheds more frequently. Any tan that develops is shallow and does not last. Moisturising is key to developing a deeper, darker tan. A week before your first session, thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise. Ensure that you moisturise after every bath or shower and use a UV specific lotion during your session.

Why Use a Lotion?

Moisture is key to tanning and a UV lotion is designed to replace moisture lost during the tanning session. However, this is not it’s only function. Many lotions contain Tyrosine, an ingredient that stimulates the tanning process.

Other lotions contain cosmetic bronzers, or DHA (the main ingredient of fake tan). The new generation of lotions contain ingredients that refine and enhance the skin as well as ingredients that push the tanning process beyond the natural tanning plateau.

Our Tanning Consultants are trained to identify the type of lotion to suit your tanning requirements and even your preferences of scent and texture!

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