With over 30 years of experience in UV tanning we have knowledge of which lotions are harmful to our equipment, which are not relevant for use and which can affect all of our customers experience.

Therefore, to protect the integrity of our beds and to ensure we maintain our standards and our customer experience we have rules around which lotions can be used on our sunbeds. This is for the benefit of all our customers;

  1. Certain products are banned as they can damage bed acrylics
  2. For our customers safety lotions that are not made specifically for sunbeds cannot be used. They do not contain UV specific ingredients or the appropriate skincare needed to care for the skin whilst tanning
  3. Oils and Tingle creams are banned at The Tanning Shop
  4. Certain brands are banned at The Tanning Shop, 2btanned and Shine Brown

We sell a wide range of UV specific lotions to suit every skin type that can enhance your tanning results but up to 50%*.

*Source: Australian Gold

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