The Feel Good Group Limited supports equal pay for all staff employed throughout the company.

The statistical data shown below needs to be considered alongside the fact female staff make up
91% of the overall staff at any one time, as is common with other Retail businesses in the sector.

Males and females carrying out the same role are paid equally. The majority of males are in management
roles which distorts the hourly rate for the relatively low number of male employee’s.

Female mean hourly rate is 29.8% lower than Male
Female median hourly rate is 11.9% lower than Male
Female mean bonus is 47.0% lower than Male
Female median bonus is 44.8% lower than Male
39.1% of Males received a Bonus Payment
66.0% of Females received a Bonus Payment
Lower salary quartile has 4.3% Male and 95.7% female
Lower Middle salary quartile has 8.6% Male and 91.4% female
Upper Middle salary quartile has 4.3% Male and 95.7% female
Upper salary quartile has 17.4% Male and 82.6% female
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