Alisun putting the most advanced tanning technology on your doorstep

Use the Alisun V600 and you will reduce your time, effort and money on tanning with the UV Stand up sunbeds at The Tanning Shop.

Why let time dictate your tan?

Our UV Stand Up sunbeds offer a convenient and hygienic approach to tanning. Stand Up tanning is a fast and effective way to amplify your golden glow. It’s a fast and effective way to amplify your golden glow without breaking the bank.

Including ‘The King of Verticals’ The Alisun V600 – Giving you the very best stand up tan

Appropriately celebrated as the ‘King of Verticals’, the Alisun V600 lives up to its title and more. Providing excellent tanning results in a relaxed environment, the V600 utilises 360 degree body lamps, combined with high pressure facial and shoulder lamps. Instant, flawless and even results are guaranteed. We have a variety of models from the Alisun range at The Tanning Shop.