Sun Angel sensor tanning technology available from the Tanning Shop

Combat pre-holiday paleness and worries-with innovative UV lay down sunbeds at The Tanning Shop. if you are looking for all year round radiance or simply want to prepare your skin for defence against holiday sun, then our UV Lay Down sunbeds are ideal. Here at The Tanning Shop we offer a variety of tanning units, each one catering for your desired tanning experience.

The Sun Angel tanning solution gives you an amazing tan – every time

The Sun Angel sunbed at The Tanning Shop is unique. Each clients skin is analysed before sessions which means a tanning session that is programmed specifically for your skin tone! Unlike conventional tanning machines the UVA and UVB are blended (increased or decreased) according to your skin type, which provides a flawless, tailored tan! The analysis not only takes account of your skin tone, but will also register any recent UV exposure. The result is a perfect, natural and longer lasting tan in absolute comfort and luxury virtually eliminating the risk of over-exposure Since the intensity of the lamps is controlled by your skin type, the Sun Angel provides a fixed 20 minute session, the time it takes 93% of Europeans to get a perfect tan. This means you get instant results, like never before. sun-angel

And that’s not all! With the Sun Angel you also get the following amazing features:

  • Neck and shoulder tanners so you don’t get uneven tan marks.
  • Clients can control UV output to the face unlike other sunbeds
  • Air-conditioned.
  • The new 3D-Sound system complete with Subwoofer will give you an exceptional sound experience. The Sun Angel also enables the consumer to connect ipod or MP3 player for their use.
  • The large-format Body Shape base acrylic ensures a relaxing and comfortable tanning result.
  • The Sun Angel has a voice guide to lead the customer every step of the way during the tanning session, what could be easier?!

Customer Testimonials

The Tanning Shop staff are very knowledgeable and explanined to me everything I needed to know about the Sun Angel. Tara Lapsley It was absoultey wonderful the best sunbed experience i have ever had! Vanessa Hastings I found the Sun Angel amazing it is an extraordinary and innovative method to get the perfect tan. Charlie Bellaway The most advanced tanning device i have evere used which resulted in the perfect all over tan without the risk of burning. Oliva allen

68 thoughts on “Sun Angel sensor tanning technology available from the Tanning Shop

  1. Emma Jobson

    I’m sorry to hear about the iPod connector on he Sun Angel, please can you let me know which store you experienced this at.

    Thank you

  2. Emma Jobson

    Sorry we don’t have a salon in Kent but if you go on the salon locator on the website it will tell you the location of your nearest salon.

    Thank you

  3. Emma Jobson

    sorry we have no salons in Sheffield but if you go to the store locator on the website it will show you your nearest store.


  4. Chelle Stewart-Lahmers

    Hi John,

    Sun Angel is available at many stores in London;

    London Bridge
    Warren Street
    Covent Garden
    Notting Hill
    Kings Cross
    Earls Court

  5. Chelle Stewart-Lahmers

    Hi Damian,

    The length of time a tan will last varies from person to person. This depends on skin type, tanning history, skin condition and so on. You can extend the life of your tan (as well as maximising your tanning potential!) by ensuring that your skin is thoroughly exfoliated and moisturised before you start a tanning programme, using a UV specific tanning lotion during your session to replace moisture lost and follow a regular moisturising routine after you have developed your base tan.

    Staff in-store are always happy to discuss your taning requirements and our registration process is specifically designed to establish your skin type and tanning history

    PLease do not hesitate to contact us should you have further queries

  6. Kirsty

    Hiya does this work on red heads? I’m very fair an never tan but have been told if I do a 6 week course tan it will work but I don’t want to waste my money if It’s not going to


  7. Joe Mellors

    Hi Kirsty,

    If you call into store, one of our tanning consultants will prepare a tanning plan specific to your individual skin type. :o)


  8. Anastasija

    Hi. So is 20 minute really enough for an immediate tanning effect? Will I be tanned after one session?Or a few sessions are required for an effect. Thank you

  9. Joe Mellors

    Hi Anastasija,

    As the Sun Angel controls the levels of UVA and UVB exposure specifically to your skin type, you should notice quicker tanning effects than with traditional sunbed. As is always the case, a deeper, darker looking tan will require multiple sessions. Upon calling into one of our stores, one of our accredited tanning professionals will create a tanning plan specific to your skin-type and individual requirements to ensure that you achieve the results you desire.

  10. Sophie

    How often do you need to use them to keep a regular tan? I.e. the same usage as normal sunbeds or less?

  11. Joe Mellors

    Hi Sophie,

    We recommend 2-3 sessions a week in order to allow you to build and sustain a health looking tan.

    Kind regards,

  12. Joe Mellors

    Hi Louise,

    I can confirm that there is a Sun Angel premium tanning bed at the Tanning Shop Wimbledon. They are currently priced at just £20 per session.

    Kind regards,

  13. Karen

    Hi there, I actually used the sun angel yesterday. My first time using a sunbed in 5years! My skin wasn’t analyzed and I didn’t know it had to be. I used the sun angel for 14 minutes and now suffering extreme burns to various parts of my body!!

  14. Joe Mellors

    Hi there,

    I can confirm that our Leamington store does offer the Sun Angel. :o)

    Kind regards,

  15. Joe Mellors

    Hi Anna,

    Unfortunately we don’t currently have a Sheffield store, we do however have a Tanning Shop store in Leeds.

    I hope this helps!


  16. Joe Mellors

    Hi Shelby,

    The price is dependant on the individual store. Can I take your postcode in order to best assist you with this query?

    Kind regards,

  17. Joe Mellors

    Hi Jodie,

    We currently have three stores in Essex, which are Braintree, Upminster and Lakeside.

    Kind regards,

  18. Joe Mellors

    Hi Kayleigh,

    I can confirm that our Charing Cross store has a Sun Angel and is priced at just £25 per session.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

  19. Faye

    Are there any of the salons that are currently doing an offer on the sun angel?

    Thanks :)

  20. Joe Mellors

    Hi Faye,

    We recommend checking out our Facebook and Twitter accounts for regular updates of our promotions.

    Kind regards,

  21. Andreyna

    Are under 18’s allowed to use the Sun Angel if they have their parent with them? If not, i would like to know another tanning booth that keep our face, neck and shoulders with the same colour as the rest of our bodies without living a uneven tan mark.

  22. Joe Mellors

    Hi Valerie,

    The nearest salon to Basingstoke is the Tanning Shop Reading. You can view full equipment and pricing by clicking here.


  23. Joe Mellors

    Hi Andreyna,

    Unfortunately you must be 18 or over to use UV equipment. We do, however, offer great discounts on spray tanning for under 18s in many of our stores.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

  24. ambra


    just would like to double check how the Sun Angel works. Do I need to use the sensor before starting the session? I booked one in London Bridge on Saturday.

    Many thanks


  25. Joe Mellors

    Hi Ambra,

    Yes, that’s correct – our staff will show you how to use the sensor beforehand in order for it to register your skin type accordingly.


  26. Danielle

    Hi, I work near Oxford Circus, which is the nearest store with Sun angel available? Thanks Danielle

  27. Joe Mellors

    Hi Danielle,

    Our Oxford Circus branch offers the Sun Angel for only £25 per session.

    Kind regards,

  28. Danielle

    Hi, I had my first sun angel on Tuesday and was told I should go on 2 a week so booked again for tonight. Is this safe?

  29. Joe Mellors

    Dear Katy,

    The Sun Angel at Birmingham is priced at just £17.50 per session.


  30. Xenia T

    Is there a Sun Angel in the Islington branch and how much and how long is a session?
    I am olive skinned and also have a tan but just want to top up and get a bit darker

  31. Chelle Stewart-Lahmers

    Hi Xenia,

    Islington has a Sun Angel and full details can be found at the following link

    I hope you enjoy your visit to the store and please do not hesitate to contact us via customer services should you require further assistance


  32. Dorothy Inger

    Kasse spa has closed in Derbyshire, I loved the sun angel sun bed ,is there another one near to Chesterfield

  33. Chloe

    Why does the price vary so much from shop to shop? The Victoria one is £25 yet the Covent Garden one is £16? Might as well travel 10 mins and save £10. Any chance you could tell me where’s cheapest in central London?

  34. Chelle Stewart-Lahmers

    Hi Chloe,

    Price is dependant on the overheads of a store such as rent and rates and these are also dependant on location. The Tanning Shop endeavours to offer great value packages in evry store as well as promotions. Currently, spray tanning is half-price on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at just £9.99 in selected stores. Our Customer Services team are always happy to assist you in finding a store to suit your preferred budget and equipment


  35. Chelle Stewart-Lahmers

    Hi Dorothy,

    Please e-mail you rpostcode to our Customer Services team and they will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, please enter your postcode into our salon locator and select “Sun Angel” from the drop-down box and the three nearest stores will be listed for you


  36. Sacred Roots Healing

    Can you tell me what the playlist is on these sun beds, angel sun, is it individual? or do all beds have the same tracks programmed. I was in the earls court branch in london yesterday (corner of hogarths road) and the track list was brilliant, wanted to know what it was called if possible?

    thanks :)

  37. Melissa Pender

    Hi, thank you for your message! Earls Court is a franchise store so unfortunately I’m unsure what playlist they will be using – if you contact the store directly they will be happy to help. Thanks :)

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