The Tanning Shop Soho


The Tanning Shop Soho, 16 St Annes Court, Soho, London, W1V 3AW offering a wide variety of Tanning solutions from leading sunbed manufactures including Ergoline and Isunless spray tanning booth.

Contact Soho Tanning Shop leading tanning experts in Soho on: 020 7434 1941.


Soho Tanning salon services include:

Ergoline Sun Angel

Lay down Tanning

£20.00 per session

(20 minute session for all skin types excluding Skin Type 1 / Sensitive Skin)

HOT OFFER! Discounted Monday Sun Angel sessions priced at just £12.50!

Exclusive Packages:
3 Sessions New Customer Only Package: £50.00+ 25% off Lotions
5 sessions: £80.00
Monthly Unlimited Package: £120.00
Monthly Unlimited Package (New Winter Pricing!): £100.00

Alisun V600

Stand up Tanning

£1.05 per minute

(sessions 6-14 minutes subject to consultation)

Exclusive Packages:
30 Minute New Customer Only Package: £25.00
60 Minute Package: £50.00
100 Minute Package: £72.50
Monthly Unlimited Package: £80.00

iSun - Coming Soon!

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