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Comments about Sun Angel

What can I say, cancel your holiday! This 20-minute wonder leaves you feeling refreshed & revitalised – Plus, you’ve got a beautiful, even, golden tan, without burning.

Chris Coleman

I was surprised how cool I stayed on the Sun Angel it was very refreshing. Not only did I get instant fantastic results, but I felt like I was being pampered too, what more could a girl want.

Tracey Annear

The Sun Angel is amazing – I don t get results like the Sun Angel offers, even on Holiday! I would recommend it to anyone! One word – Tantastic. 

Simon Williams

As what would be classed as a ‘professional’ sun bed user, I find the Sun Angel an extraordinary and innovative method of tanning. I am able to reduce the frequency of tanning without compromising the end result. Thanks Tanning Shop Manchester.

Jack Jason

The results from the Sun Angel are amazing- I went dark straight away, my friends thought I had just come back from holiday. Very happy!

Stephanie Groves

The Sun Angel is the best and quickest way for an instant, holiday tan. I have never been browner or happier with the results. It gives you a deep all over that lasts, and it has changed my tanning forever. 

Martin Stevens

At first I was put off because the session was 20 minutes long, but after the friendly staff explained to me that the UVA and UVB rays are tailored according to my specific skin type, it made me feel confident about my tanning session. The results were all the evidence I needed. It gave me the best colour and I did not burn at all.

Gemma Lawrence

I love the Sun Angel. It’s relaxing and the results are fab! I love to pop in after work and listen to my iPod and relax for 20mins whilst getting a really nice tan! 

Laura Munroe

The tan was brilliant! Everything about it! It lasts well, lovely colour, doesn’t smell, which I look for in a spray tan. Doesn’t fade for ages! Would have it again without a doubt! Mystify me again please! 

Jade Nicholls-Brown, Putney

The tan I received from the Mystic HD was also far more obvious and lasted much longer than any other spray tan I have had before. I am going on holiday next week, so when it was explained that the mystic will not effect my tan, I felt happy about using it and better yet, my results where amazing! 

Emily Lloyd, Clapham

The experience was really quick and easy. I was very happy with the result, it was an extremely even tan that covered every part of my body and looked very natural. The best bit is that the tan lasted for 10 days! Far longer than any other spray tan I have done before. 

Katie, Chiswick

The Mystic HD was much better than the other spray tan I have had done before. It was odor free and the booth was really warm making the experience far more pleasant. 

Laura Flynn, Putney

This is by far one of the best sunbeds I have ever had, the results were natural, and the fact that the tanning session is based on your individual skin type is great! It meant that I did not encounter any overexposure and I was left lovely and tanned. 

Natalie Doyle

It was absolutely wonderful the best sunbed experience I have ever had! 

Vanessa Hastings

I find the Tanning Shop provides an extraordinary and innovative method of tanning, I look and feel great every time. 

Charlie O'Loughlin

I found The Tanning Shop very helpful, they explained the importance of lotion prior to tanning and suggested the ideal tanning time according to my specific skin type. Overall I was very happy with the service. 

Olivia Allen

I would just like to thank Chelle Laumers for helping me to switch the bed minutes that I bought to a spray tan. Chelle was so friendly and helpful, and she sorted out my request promptly and professionally. I was provided with great customer! 

Clare Prowse

Well worth the money, always had a great experience and to sum it up in one word; Amazing! 

Charlotte Peel

The staff are great, extremely professional and helpful! I would defiantly recommend the Tanning Shop to anyone! 

Charlotte Cleeton

The Tanning Shop is a great one stop shop for all your beauty needs! 

Harriet Van Reysen

I think the Tanning Shop has the customer in mind, I felt assured that they would provide me with the advice and support I needed. 

Lara Cowen

The Tanning Shop dominates the tanning sector, operating a chain of tanning outlets under ‘The Tanning Shop’ brand name. 

Mintel Report Health & Beauty Treatments (2003)

The best tanning experience ever, the perfect after work remedy! 

Fiona Healy

The Tanning Shop staff were very knowledgeable, and explained to me everything I needed to know about tanning. 

Tara Lapsley

The most advanced tanning devices I have come across, I would 100% recommend! It’s an added bonus that it is extremely close to where I live. 

Lucinda Witcomb