Our Promises To You

    • We promise you will always receive the very best guidance and advice from our expertly trained shop staff regarding health & safety, pricing, deals and product usage.

  • 100% of our tanning equipment is tested monthly for maximum tanning effectiveness and all our tanning lamps are changed with 25% life remaining to ensure the very best results at all times.


  • We guarantee 100% bed availability when pre-booked across our full range of tanning equipment and store locations.


  • 100% of our tanning equipment is cleaned before and after each use.


  • 100% of customer feedback will be responded to by head office within 3 working days where applicable.


  • We always provide free of charge protective eyewear and sanitising wipes.


  • We work tirelessly to put you, our customer at the heart of everything we do, resulting in the very best tanning experience money can buy;
  • We are friendly, polite and always happy to help.
  • We are punctual and reliable.
  • We love delighting our customers.
  • We are value-focused, and take pride in our customers staying with us year after year after year.

  • We commit to operating within all the guidelines as set out in the Code of Practice issued by The Sunbed Association.