Everything you need to know – The Tanning Shop & COVID19

All your questions answered in one place!

Welcome to the COVID19 Information page for The Tanning Shop!

On here we will let you know what we have done, whats new and how we need you to help as well as covering any questions you may have.

As you are all aware there is a a world wide pandemic known as COVID19, Coronavirus/Corona going on currently. This has effected many people and businesses in terrible ways and we at The Tanning Shop understand you may have concerns, questions and general queries about returning to us. We are here to help with your concerns and are hoping this page answers a lot of your questions!

Store Updates

to help keep our customers and staff safe we have added some extra measures in store to ensure we are all set for you to come back!

The image with the iconsĀ  gives you a brief idea of what we have done. Here is some further information for anyone who is unsure of what the icons mean.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is now a preferred method for purchasing your minutes, packages, memberships, lotions and any other extras. We appreciate the contactless limit may stop you from using this, if you are worried about using contactless in store you can purchase your packages online.

Book & Purchase Online

Although walk in appointments may be available we recommend booking in advance, not only so you are guaranteed to get on a bed but to so our staff have a rough idea of when people will be coming in so they can make sure the bed is ready for you.

Staff PPE

All of our staff will be required to wear the correct PPE to make you feel a little more at ease and protect you both.

Bed Sanitation

All of our beds are sanitised before you use them this has always been how we have done things at The Tanning Shop. However please be patient as we may be spending a little more time sanitising than usual this is all for your safety so hold on we will get you tanned as soon as we can!