updated 24/11/20

To all of our valued customers.

The great news is we will be reopening all of our stores on Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

The Customer Service department will be back open to answer all of your queries from 900am on Tuesday 1st December and online booking is now available.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and support over this very testing period.

I would assure you that all packages and memberships will be honored and extended for the period that our stores have been closed and will be automatically extended.

Thank you once again for your custom and we look forward to seeing you back in our salons on the 2nd

Adam Mooney
The Tanning Shop



All your covid-19 questions answered in one place!

At The Tanning Shop we understand you may have concerns, questions and general queries about returning to us safely. We are here to help with your concerns and are hoping the following can answer a lot of your questions!

shop access

  • Only so many customers are allowed in reception at any 1 time this will be clearly marked in the front window
  • Marking tape will be applied outside of the store with a 2m space between markings.
  • Once entered you must stand on floor stickers either at reception or other designated points in reception

hand sanitising / washing

  • Sanitising points are available at reception desks and registration points and all customers MUST sanitise immediately on entry.
  • Our staff will sanitise and wash hands frequently throughout the day and after touching any surface which is available to other staff and customers.
  • During this period customers are not permitted to use the toilet / bathroom.
  • Water machines will not be available for customer use during this time.

staff ppe supply & use

  • All staff will be provided with the following PPE;
    o Face Masks
    o Gloves
  • Hygienic lay down tanning foil is provided to eliminate skin contact on lay down acrylics

social distancing measures

  • All shops will be provided with protective acrylic screens which will be positioned on reception counter tops to protect staff & customers.
  • Floor markings will be provided at the reception and in seating areas setting out seating/standing distances while in store to ensure distancing is adhered for customers and staff.
  • Customers are encouraged to book appointments and purchase sessions and time on line or app.
  • All clients and staff must be mindful of distancing measures while moving around the store.
  • Clients must exit the store at the end of their session with no loitering in reception area.
  • Children will not be permitted in store during this period.
  • Social distancing must be maintained in corridors and communal areas when customers & staff enter or exit rooms.
  • Customers will only be allowed to sit in clearly designated seating points


  • Clients should only approach the reception when asked by staff
  • Whilst cash will still be accepted ALL customers are to be encouraged to use contactless while in store or exact money when possible.
  • Customers are encouraged to purchase sessions & courses on line.
  • Biometrics will remain active for all customers
  • The option to disable biometrics will be available for all course customers.
  • Biometric readers will be cleaned after each client contact.
  • Unlimited courses will still require bio metric use.

bed cleaning

  • Bed acrylics will be sprayed with cleaning fluid between sessions and wiped clean and dry
  • All other bed & room touch points will also be sprayed and cleaned between sessions; this also includes seating.
  • Head rests will be wrapped on lay down beds after each session, VTU floors will have foot towel placed after each session.
  • Waste bins will also be emptied by staff between sessions
  • Where available tanning film can be used between sessions. Staff will show you how to use the film.
  • Cleaning materials will be available in all rooms should clients wish to use.

eye wear & wipes use

  • All clients will continue to be provided with free disposable eye protection for single use.
  • All clients will continue to be provided with free disposable freshening wipes for single use
  • If plastic eyewear is required these must be purchased at reception
  • Staff will replenish rooms with stock of disposable eye protection and fresh wipes throughout the day.

client lotions

  • If you have lotions held by us these will be sanitised on the outer packaging before handing over to you, once complete you are asked to retain and bring each visit
  • New lotions when sold will be sanitised on the outer packaging before handing to you.

new customer registration / induction

  • Prior to tablet use new clients must sanitise hands.
  • New customers are asked to register via website or App.
  • For new customers an email will be sent via direct link to a video which explains how to use our equipment
  • Face to face inductions will not be available
  • Staff will ensure that tablets are sanitised immediately after use
  • Only one tablet will be available to customers for registering

air Conditioning

  • Where available, A/C units will run to not only control the ambient temperatures but also to assist in air exchange / replacement in store as this can also provide additional protection against Covid-19.
  • Entry doors will remain open to improve air flow in our stores

vitamin D

  • It is known that Vitamin D is an essential requirement to boost and improve the immune system and protect against many viruses. We know the importance that sunshine has in the production of vitamin D and we will now offer a supplement tablet / product for our customers to use at home in conjunction with their UV tanning program.

the tanning shop covid-19 risk assessment

Risk Assessment PDF >