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GDPR Update

We’re making changes to The Tanning Shop Contact Promise and subsequently, the way we inform you of updates, news and exclusive offers.​

You can get full control over your marketing and contact preferences by updating your details by contacting us via our Contact Form.

What’s Changing

Data Protection laws are changing so that the ways in which we can collect, store and use your information are better for you.

The Tanning Shop, as the UK’s leading tanning salon brand, are committed to providing you with not only the best tanning experience but also in ensuring your data is the most relevant, up to date and stored in the safest way.

Updating Your Details

The Tanning Shop team are currently working on an interface to give you full control over your marketing and contact details.

This will ensure we can continue to provide the service you would expect from us as your tanning provider. You will be able to update your contact details and marketing preferences via a secure page on our website.

The Tanning Shop uses email and SMS to contact clients with our exclusive offers, competitions, updates and news.

Visit the My Details page, and supply us with your e-mail address, to see what details we currently hold for you. If you don’t have an e-mail address please contact us through our Contact Form.