How long does it take to tan?

How Long Does It Take to Tan? Your Questions Answered! - The Tanning Shop

A glowing tan is the perfect match for any outfit, when it comes to tanning for an upcoming event or occasion many people wonder how long it takes to tan and how many sunbeds they need to get that perfect tan!

So how long does it take to tan?

This is determined by your skin type, different skin types tan differently and at different speeds. Generally, we recommend starting to tan around 3 weeks before your event/occasion as building a tan responsibly is a gradual process.

So what are the different skin types?

  • Skin type 1 – White, very fair/ sensitive / freckles
  • Skin type 2 – Fair / very light brown / some freckles
  • Skin type 3 – Fair to beige
  • Skin type 4 – Olive or light brown
  • Skin Type 5 – Dark brown

Your skin type will depend on how long it takes for your tan to develop. We would advise always starting on minimum minutes and building your minutes gradually to allow your skin to get used to the UV rays. Our professionally trained tanning consultants in-store can provide you with a free tanning plan based on your skin type and tanning preferences!

How many sunbeds will it take to get a tan?

Similiarly, the number of sun bed sessions you need to develop a tan all depends on your skin type and the frequency of your sessions. Our policy states that no more than one session can be used in any 24 hour period. This is because the full tanning process can take up to 24-hours, so leaving a minimum of that time between sessions reduces the risk of over-exposure and maximises your tanning potential. When building your base tan, it is important to not leave more than 72 hours between your sunbed sessions. Your skin rejuvenates every 3 days so any progress made may be lost, it’s a good idea to try to plan your sunbeds within 3 days of each other to boost your tanning progress!

How to tan faster?

We understand you want that glowing tan as fast as possible, but how can you speed up your results responsibly? Meet the ultimate tanning partner, The Tannig Shop Trio!

Have a tanning boost right before your tanning session. Our zesty, Juicy Orange flavoured drink is designed to not only boost tanning results but improve skin condition over time. Our signature recipe is packed with essential vitamins and tan-enhancing ingredients including beta-carotene, a natural colour booster that works alongside your tanning sessions to enhance your natural colour and give you deeper and darker results!

Use a UV-specific lotion during your tanning sessions, these lotions include ingredients that not only help enhance tanning results and support the skin’s natural melanin production but also help to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Finally between sessions use Hemp Nation Tan Extender, this helps to maximise and provide longevity to your tanning results!

All products can be purchased in-store on your visit!

So, what about tanning in the sun outside? How does this work alongside building a tan on the sunbeds?

When using sunbeds, it is crucial to avoid the risk of overexposure. Sunbeds emit a controlled level of UV light during each session. However, if you also spend time sunbathing outdoors on the same day, your total UV exposure becomes uncontrolled, increasing the risk of overexposure.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not tan outdoors on the same day you use a sunbed or plan to have a sunbed session. You should always apply SPF sunscreen when in the sun to help protect your skin when exposed to the suns rays!

Happy tanning!