Zerobody Cryobed

How to use the zerobody cryotherapy bed – a quick guide. - The Tanning Shop

Our new Zerobody Cryobed is a revolution for the world of Cold Therapy: innovative in its simplicity, safety and accessibility, it features a patented water membrane that wraps the body entirely without the need to get wet, at a functioning temperature of 4-6°C in a safe and non-invasive environment.

This bed makes the approach to Cold Water Therapy easier, resulting in the same benefits as the traditional cryotherapy or the immersion into an ice bath. Zerobody Cryo ensures a gradual exposure to the cold, offering users the complete comfort of dry floatation. This allows users to make the most of the advantages offered by cold water therapy with the versatility of this dry application.

How to use a Zerobody Cryotherapy bed – a quick guide

So how do you use this state-of-the art bed? Read our quick guide below!

  1. The member of staff will pull the membrane back at each side of the bed and leave the room
  2. Undress and lie on the bed on your back
  3. Use a modesty cover if required then call the member of staff back into the room
  4. The member of staff will put the emergency stop button down by your hand
  5. They will then wrap the membrane over your whole body leaving your head exposed (like pulling a blanket over you)
  6. Please make sure your hands are down by your sides and the emergency button is in your right or left hand
  7. The member of staff will then ensure you are comfortable before starting the bed for you from the tablet at the top of the bed and then leave the room, please make staff aware if you’d like them to remain with you
  8. Relax and concentrate on your breathing
  9. As the bed lowers you may feel pressure on your body as the membrane fills with water over the top of your body.
  10. This is perfectly normal just continue to concentrate on your breathing
  11. If you feel any significant discomfort or feel ill in any way then press the emergency stop button to trigger the audible alarm and the bed will move back up to its start position, the member of staff will then enter and may help you off the bed if required
  12. Once your session has ended the bed will move back up to its start position and the staff member will re-enter and remove the membrane
  13. The member of staff will now exit the room leaving you to get ready
  14. Sit up slowly and sit on the side of the to reacclimatise yourself before standing up, redressing and leaving the room

What to wear to your Cryotherapy Session

For this therapy you can be clothed, naked or wear underwear. When you first try this therapy, you may want to be clothed but we recommend that you reduce the amount of clothing on subsequent sessions as you will see the most benefits when you are exposing more skin to the cold water therapy of this treatment.

We offer modesty blankets in store to offer you additional privacy when the consulant wraps you in the membrane.

How long is a Cryotherapy session?

Our Zerobody Cryobed session are 4 minutes. The recommended protocol for the Zerobody Cryobed is 2-3 sessions per week.

All the benefits of an ice bath without the need to get wet!