Online Purchasing Terms and Conditions

The below terms and conditions are in relation to the purchase, attempted purchase and handling of minutes, packages and sessions purchased through The ‘customer’ ‘customers’ (you, the user), ‘service provider’ (The Tanning Shop) and ‘services’ (packages, minutes and sessions).

The customer will not attempt to purchase or utilise UV services if they are under the age of 18. Customers under the age of 18 are not permitted to purchase, attempt to purchase or attempt to utilise services relating to UV, The Customer will also not be permitted to use any of the UV services within our salons.

Customers will have 14 days cooling off period associated from the day of purchase however, Customers can use their services within their cooling off period which will change the status of the services offered. Customers are permitted to use the services should begin during the cooling off period through visiting a salon. Customers will be required to pay for services received up to the cooling period. The cooling off period will be cancelled once the services have been fully performed.

Package Minutes can be used in any of our company-owned stores on equipment of equal or lower value. Packages purchased in a Franchise Store can only be used in that store.

Customers will be entitled to a full refund if the below criteria and process has been followed:

  • Customer informs the business in writing that they wish to proceed with a refund via or Morton Park, J6, Darlington DL1 4PG.
  • The refund request is within 14 days of purchasing the service.
  • Customer has not used the services within the cooling off period

Complaints procedure

To make a complaint to the Tanning Shop, correspondence can be submitted in writing to

Packages and services
Please note that if the incorrect package is purchased customers will have the option to exchange the minutes to a suitable package.