KBL 7000 Alpha HybridSun – Be strong!

The powerhouse of the new 7000 series. Equipped with pureSunlight and smartSunlight tubes for optimal tan and skin care and a particularly beautiful skin.

Intelligent Control System (ICS)

Tanning with a special touch: The Intelligent Control System with its innovative touch screen simplifies the use of the new 7000 Alpha HybridSun. You can customize your session quickly and intuitively.

Smart light for the face and décolleté

The Smart Light Technology (SLT) for the face and décolleté combines sunlight and soothing beauty light in an innovative high pressure system. The result: Especially pleasant, gentle tanning, a beautiful skin appearance and a fresh glow. The system, which consists of hybrid high pressure lamps, specially coated filter glass and a homogenous reflector, ensures a gorgeous and long-lasting tan. With its red spectral components the beauty light already cares for
your skin while you tan.

smartSunlight lamps

Four spectral ranges in one single lamp:
1. UVB develops pigments and essential vitamin D.
2. UVA ensures an intensive and attractive directtan.
3. The blue spectrum cleanses the skin and ensures a healthy and fresh complexion.
4. The red spectrum soothes the skin and stimulates collagen production.

Shoulder tanner

The new Smart Light Technology (SLT) is also available for the shoulder area. The combination of intensive sunlight and nourishing beauty light in one radiator tans the shoulder areas in a pleasant and gentle manner, while also providing
an especially pleasant feeling for your skin.

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