Iso-Italia Matrix L28 Sunbeds

The Matrix L28 sunbeds are one of the new generation of UV Sunbeds that employs both innovation and proven technology to enable clients to achieve an all-over tan in comfort

The use of carefully positioned reflectors creates an ideal environment to encourage an all over tan and optimize the tanning potential of the session.

The Matrix L28 has 28 high-pressure UV-A lamps which are arranged to surround the client. The L28 design is innovative in that the user does not feel enclosed whilst retaining tanning efficiency.  With adjustable ventilation, stereo headphones and a focus on comfort, the L28 is the bed of the future!

The Iso-Italia Matrix L28 Sunbeds can be found in our sunbed shops nationwide.

Iso-Italia Matrix L28 - The Tanning Shop
Iso-Italia Matrix L28 - The Tanning Shop