Spray Tanning and Chlorine: Friend or Foe?

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Ready to dive into the world of spray tanning and swimming? Whether you’re a seasoned spray-tan aficionado or a newbie looking to keep that golden glow while enjoying a refreshing dip on holiday, let’s explore how to keep your tan looking fabulous, even when you’re splashing around in the pool.

Can I go swimming with fake tan on or after a spray tan?

The short answer is yes! Spray tanning has become a go-to beauty ritual for many of us who crave that sun-kissed glow without the exposure to UV, especially to beat the day one pool side fear on holiday. But one of the main questions we get asked when customers are booking a spray tan for their holiday is how will chlorinated water affect their tan? While chlorine won’t instantly remove fake tan, it does have an impact on your tan and may cause it to fade and go patchy but let’s find out why and what you can do to minimise the impact on your flawless tan!

Why does Chlorine affect your spray tan?

Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant that keeps water clean and safe. Unfortunately, it can also be a harsh on your spray tan. Here’s why:

  1. Drying Effect: Chlorine tends to dry out your skin, which can cause your spray tan to fade faster. When your skin dries out, your dead skin cells start to shed, taking your beautiful tan with them.
  2. Colour Alteration: Sometimes, chlorine can interact with the DHA in your spray tan, causing it to look patchy or change tone. The beautiful bronze hue you started with might end up slightly uneven after taking a dip in the pool.

Does chlorinated water really remove fake tan and spray tans?

While chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water can cause your tan to fade faster or become patchy, it won’t instantly remove your tan entirely. The good news is with the right after care following your spray appointment, you can minimise any damage to your tan and keep that flawless glow longer!

  1. Make sure you allow at least 8-12 hours post spray tan appointment before swimming – this gives your golden colour time to fully develop.
  2. Make sure to rinse your body with fresh water immediately after swimming to wash away any chemicals from your skin. Use a moisturising body wash following a dip in the pool to replenish moisture which may have been stripped away. Avoid any products containing alcohol as may cause further damage to your tans integrity.
  3. Make sure to apply moisturiser regularly to maintain your glow and keep your skin hydrated. We love the Hemp Nation range for replenishing hydration and nourishing your skin, the Agave and Lime Hemp Nation contains Australian Gold’s signature Derma Dark which can help to gradually boost your natural tan too! Grab a bottle in salon on your next visit.
  4. Avoid prolonged amounts of time in the pool. Skip long soaks in the water and instead opt for shorter swims!

Spray tanning and swimming can coexist beautifully with a bit of care and attention. By following the tips above, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a radiant tan and the joy of swimming. So go ahead, take that plunge and keep glowing!