Tattoos & Sunbeds: Your questions answered

Sunbed After New Tattoo: Tips on Protecting Your Ink - The Tanning Shop

It is a commonly known fact that tattoos fade over time. One factor contributing to tattoo fading over time is the exposure to UV rays from natural sunlight. Sunbeds, like the sun, also emit UV light, so it is important to protect your tattoos during your sessions to help care for the pigments of your tattoos and prevent fading! Check out our guide below for tips on caring for your tattoos while using a sunbed.

Tanning with new ink

Got a new tattoo? Patience is paramount when it comes to exposing fresh ink to UV radiation. We would always recommend waiting for your new tattoo to be fully healed before visiting one of our salons for a sunbed session. As tattooed skin is ‘technically’ an open wound until fully healed, the area will be more sensitive to UV rays and may react differently to your normal skin which could lead to overexposure to the area and tattoo damage. Trust us it’s worth the wait!

How long after a tattoo can you have a sunbed?

Not sure how many days you should wait before returning to tanning after getting a tattoo? The length of the healing process is likely to be determined by the complexity of the tattoo and the location on your body. We would always recommend speaking to your tattoo artist who will be able to provide further advice on this.

How to protect your tattoo on a sunbed

The best way to protect any exposed tattoos during your tanning session is to use a lotion that is specifically designed for tattoo protection. At the Tanning Shop, we stock a range of lotions from Australian Gold which contain their unique ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology. These lotions contain exclusive tattoo technologies, focussed on maintaining tattoo vibrancy and combating UV’s fading effect using deeply hydrating skincare ingredients.*

Keeping colours vibrant between sessions

One of the easiest ways to keep your tattoos vibrant is to keep your skin hydrated! Use a skin-nourishing moisturiser to keep tattoo vibrancy! Our favourite is the Hemp Nation Agave and Lime lotion.

*Source: Australian Gold