Do sunbeds whiten teeth?

Sunbed Teeth Whitening: Your Questions Answered - The Tanning Shop

Whilst sunbeds are built to help you build a glowing tan, you can in fact whiten your teeth on a sunbed with a sunbed teeth whitening kit. Now while we do not supply these kits at The Tanning Shop, you can purchase sunbed whitening kits from many suppliers including from online retailers like Amazon.

How do sunbeds whiten your teeth, you may ask?

A sunbed alone will not whiten your teeth but using a whitening kit while enjoying your tanning session will help to whiten teeth and lift stains. Many sunbed teeth whitening kits contain a gel which you apply directly to your teeth and then insert a mouthguard which will help to expose your teeth to the UV light.

The UV light from the tanning bed then activates and accelerates the whitening gel. The gel will lift stains and whiten teeth during the tanning session giving you a dazzling smile to match your glowing skin.

The majority of whitening kits come with a peroxide-free gel or pen and a soft mouth guard.
When choosing a sunbed teeth whitening kit we would always recommend speaking to your dentist or hygienist for advice on which products to choose.

Do sunbeds whiten teeth without a whitening kit?

UV light alone will not whiten your teeth or remove stains.