Let's talk facial tanning

What are facial tanners? - The Tanning Shop

When it comes to the world of tanning, it can be quite overwhelming with all the advanced technology there is out there often making a decision of what bed to use difficult.

One of our most asked questions regarding bed features is what is a facial lamp and how it impacts my tan. So let’s chat about all things facial!

What are facial tanning lamps in tanning beds?

The majority of our beds here at the Tanning Shop are fitted with specific ‘Facial Tanners’. Facial tanners are a combination of specially coated filter discs and glass reflectors which provide comfortable facial tanning. Facial lamps can be controlled separately from the rest of the bed lamps and on selected beds, you are able to choose the intensity of the lamps and have the ability to turn them on or off completely if you do not wish to tan your face.

Why does my face not tan?

Did you know your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body? Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin colouration, depending on your skin tone/type depends on how much melanin is produced which in turn results in how well you tan. Your face skin may produce less melanin compared to the rest of your body. But don’t let this put you off tanning. If you are aiming for a sun-kissed face then read on, we have a solution for you!

How can I help to tan my face?

All of our stores stock UV-specific lotions, these lotions are specifically designed to help enhance your tanning results whilst nourishing your skin. Lotions help to stimulate melanin production ingredients within sunbed-specific creams, such as Tyrosine, are formulated to help stimulate melanin production in your skin, this helps to promote faster and deeper tanning results when your skin is exposed to UV rays.

But what lotion should I use, you ask?

You can opt for Accelerators, DHA Bronzers or natural bronzers.DHA Bronzers are immediate bronzers that deliver an instant glow while the DHA delayed bronzers continue to develop after your tanning session for a deeper, darker colour (similar to fake tan) Natural bronzers provide immediate results and will wash away after your tanning session.

Some of these lotions typically contain caramel, riboflavin, walnut shell, and henna. We advise accelerator lotions for those who are starting out their tanning journey and bronzers for those who are ready to take their base tan to the next level. These lotions can help tan your face, go, go, go !

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