The Daily Mail has today published an article describing the consequences of not ensuring adequate restrictions on age and session length. The Tanning Shop responds;

“UK law states that no person is permitted to tan under the age of 18. This policy has been in place at The Tanning Shop since 2009 and as such, the company advocates the regulation of all UV Tanning providers in order that the appropriate controls are in place and incidents such as this do not occur.

The Tanning Shop is dedicated to responsible tanning practices whereby every client is provided with a free consultation in order to establish skin type and tanning history which in turn, determines the appropriate session length.

The actions of an individual cannot be held as indicative of the Tanning industry as a whole and instead, should encourage consumers over 18 to seek a professional tanning provider”

Spray tanning is available to under-18’s but under-16’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Under 18’s are not permitted in any rooms containing UV equipment.

Please refer any queries to Customer Services