Are you thinking of building up your tan on a tanning bed? Lots of people are skeptical of starting sunbeds as it can seem to be an overwhelming experience your first time.

Here at The Tanning Shop, we can assure you every step of the process our fully trained tanning consultants can help you, creating a smooth nerve-free first tanning session.

First of all, our top priority is to ensure responsible tanning for all our customers. We offer free consultations with our tanning consultants who will help create a bespoke tanning plan, recommending UV dosage, the correct tanning bed for you and lotions if you wish to use any all determined by your skin type & tanning preferences.

Tanning consultants can show you how to use the sunbeds in-store to ensure you are comfortable with the equipment – it’s really easy!

What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything to the tanning session apart from yourself. Free eye protection is provided for you and wipes to freshen up after your sunbed.

What you wear on the bed is personal preference, most customers like to tan naked to avoid any tan lines, whereas some customers may wear a bikini. It’s totally up to you – no one can see in your room!

How to tan

A general guide we recommend for those who are new to sunbeds.

  • Always start from the bare minimum number of minutes and slowly build your way up to the tan you want. (Especially those with fair skin)
  • Whilst building a base tan you don’t want to leave any more than 3 days between, once you see changes you can leave a little longer between tans.

At The Tanning Shop, we provide free eye protection, it’s important to protect your eyes from the UV lamps! We also offer free wipes to refresh yourself after your tanning session!

Happy Tanning 😊