A message to our customers

To all of our valued customers,

As with all of you, we have been monitoring the ongoing developments with COVID-19.

The Tanning Shop continues to provide safe and responsible tanning, in a clean, hygienic environment. We have continued to follow Government guidelines and also look to refine any aspect of our operation to ensure the ongoing safety of you and our staff.

With immediate effect, customers will now receive disposable eye protection only for every single UV session. Also, Customer touch points (such as biometrics, touch screens and doors to name only a few) will be regularly and routinely disinfected, before and after use.

Although it is not currently believed that COVID-19 can be transferred by any means other than airborne (or from surfaces infected with the virus through airborne transmission), we will continue to regularly and routinely sanitise our beds using the strongest surface disinfection agent allowed by UK law.

New policy

It is widely expected that the severity of the virus will pass once Summer and Sunlight arrives. We appreciate that a number of our customers may wish to self-isolate or reduce social interactions. It is for this reason that from today, The Tanning Shop will automatically extend all active packages by 3 months.

Your immune system

Boosting and protecting your immune system has never been more important.

It is clear that vitamin D has important roles within the body. Individuals who are vitamin D deficient are associated with having an greatly increased susceptibility to an infection. Vitamin D can be found in a small variety of foods but the most prominent source is through synthesis from UV light. Although natural UV light, through the form of moderate and sensible exposure to sunlight, is the most recommended, use of artificial UV as a viable source when natural sunlight isn’t available or strong enough. Read more here. 

Thank you for your support and stay safe.