We are excited to announce an exciting addition to the tanning shop Braintree, we would like to introduce a new era of tanning in the heart of Essex – the Luxura Jewel has arrived at the Tanning Shop Braintree and is raising the bar for luxury tanning! Just in time for to get that summer base tan for your holidays! 

Designed to elevate your tanning experience to new heights of luxury, this state-of-the-art bed 

features combine traditional tanning methods with innovative LED light skincare. Bringing true tanning innovation to Braintree.

Elevate your tanning results with the Luxura Jewel, featuring 13 full-body tanning boosting lamps, full LED facials and integrated shoulder tanners, this bed provides a flawless all-over tan with deeper and darker results. 

Braintree, the Jewel has arrived! - The Tanning Shop

The Jewel is the first model in the Tanning Shop estate with in-built revitalising yellow LED light – a feature that adds a unique touch to your tanning ritual, enhancing both your tan and your well-being.

The bed also included collagen-stimulating red light, which can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

At Braintree Tanning Shop, they are committed to providing clients with the best-in-class tanning solutions, and the Jewel bed is no exception. Whether you’re looking to achieve a natural-looking glow or deepen your exciting tan, this is your ticket to radiant sun-kissed skin all year round.