First of all, the best tanning results come from customers who have healthy skin. The condition your skin is in can affect tanning results; your skin needs to be hydrated. Dry skin will reflect the UV rays and this will result in the tanning process taking longer. If you moisturise your skin, you will see results quickly as your hydrated skin will absorb the UV rays.

3 Top Tips to build your tan:

  • You should start your sunbed tanning sessions on low minutes that’s in line with your skin type. Gradually you can build up your tanning time once you have a base tan.
  • Always use a sunbed cream or tan accelerator on the sunbeds to help enhance your tan and keep your skin hydrated throughout the session
  • Shower 2-3 hours after your tanning session. Your tan will still be developing for a few hours post tanning session

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to that perfect summer glow. If you want any further information on your tanning process, feel free to ask any of our tanning consultants or drop a message on any of our socials!