The Tanning Shop Speke are offering new customers their first tan for FREE!

I bet you’re wondering how? Well, it’s as simple as registering and booking your tan. This offer is on for a limited time only so what are you waiting for?

Speke Tanning Shop offers both lay down and stand-up tanning. The store is installed with state-of-the-art tanning technology that will bring you that summer glow. The Hapro Vegaz is a lay down tanning bed that is fitted with premium blue and red lamps combining intense tanning with skincare benefits. This tanning bed allows you to take yourself on a mini holiday with your favourite music with its very own Bluetooth feature. Is your destination getting a bit hot? No worries, the Vegaz has climate control that allows you to turn fans up and down. Tailor your tanning experience to make it as comfortable as possible!


Luxury Vegaz Tanning Bed

Do you fancy a stand-up tanning session? Try out the Hapro V8 vertical tanning bed with ambient FlowLight display including smart touch control and see how easy it is to manage your tanning preferences. Control the ventilation of your tanning session with smart touch control to ensure you a relaxing and cool session. 


Luxury Vertical Tanning Bed

The Tanning shop are dedicated to providing a luxury experience responsibly. Tanning consultants are professionally trained to tailor a tanning plan for your skin type. They can recommend session lengths, how often to build up minutes and what lotions to use determined by your skin type to ensure you get your desired tan.

The Tanning Shop Speke has FREE parking outside the store and is located at Speke Retail Park.

Make sure you have registered and booked your tanning session today. You can only redeem your free tan 14 after registering.

What bed are you choosing?

Happy Tanning.