Make heads turn this festive season, let your confidence shine and your skin glow! Party season is here and this is the perfect time to make sure your tan is in peak condition.

Whether your festive party wardrobe contains sparkly Christmas party dresses, sleek suits or a selection of Christmas jumpers, nothing beats the feeling of a glowing natural tan with any outfit.

Building your tan responsibly using sunbeds is a gradual process, so to maximise your tanning results we recommend starting sooner rather than later. Starting now will ensure your tan will be ready for all your December celebrations!

Preparation and maintenance of the skin while using sunbeds, is just as important as your tanning session, to achieve the best results.

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Let’s talk preparation

You should make sure to exfoliate prior to your tanning session. This will help to get rid of any dry or dead skin cells. Dry skin will reflect UV rays which can prolong your tanning journey.

You should also make sure you skin is hydrated. Make sure to moisturise your skin daily and stay hydrated. Hydrated skin achieves deeper and darker results!

During your tanning session

Listen to exposure time recommended by tanning consultants; start low and gradually build up minutes. This allows your skin to get used to the UV rays

Always use a UV sunbed specific lotion during your tanning session. Stores have a selection of lotions to choose from, depending on your skin type and tanning preferences there is a lotion for you. Tanning consultants can recommend which is best for you. Lotions come in sachets & bottles, so you can try a sachet before you commit to a bottle!

Maintenance of your skin

Always keep skin hydrated, use a moisturiser or tan extender between sessions and ensure you stay hydrated. Using a Tan extender ensures results are deeper, darker and longer lasting. A result everyone wants to see!

We also recommend to never leave more than 72 hours between tanning session. This is because the skin rejuvenates every 3 days so any tanning progress made can be lost.

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