The countdown to your hen do has begun, and you’re preparing for time together with your closest friends and family for a celebration to remember. Whether you’re jetting off to a sunny destination, heading off for a weekend of pampering or planning a glamorous night out, The Tanning Shop is here to help you and your squad look and feel fabulous every step of the way with a glowing spray tan!  Let us guide you through the ultimate hen do prep for a party you’ll never forget! 

Hen Do Glow-up - The Tanning Shop

Here are our top tips on how to prepare for your spray tan to help maximise your results and increase the longevity of your tan for the bride tribe.

Tip #1 – Thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your skin 24 hours before your spray tan. Exfoliating helps to remove dry and dead skin creating the optimal surface for the spray tan to adhere to and helps to prevent your spray tan from going patchy or uneven. 

Tip #2 – If you plan to shave or wax before your spray tan you should do this a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment. 

Tip #3 – On the day of your spray tan, do not use any soap, deodorant, cosmetics or lotion of any type on your skin. Make sure to wipe your skin down to remove any residual moisturiser before your morning shower and shower/ bathe with clear water only. Using cooler water can also help to reduce your pore size prior to your appointment.  

Tip #4 – Make sure to wear loose, dark clothing to your session.

Tip #5 – Immediately before your session, you will need to liberally coat your hands, elbows, knees and feet with barrier cream, paying particular attention to the nails. These areas soak up spray tan a lot more than other areas due to the difference in the skin’s structure so using barrier cream is vital. 

Tip #6 – Once your spray session has finished, you must not pat your spray tan dry as the booth is designed to set the spray into the skin during the tanning cycle.

Tip #7 – Allow 6-8 hours for your spray tan to develop its optimum golden glow before showering or exercising. You may wash your hands only after 2 hours. 

Tip #8 – Want to extend the longevity of your spray tan and maintain your glow? Make sure to keep your skin hydrated by using a skin-nourishing moisturiser in the days following your spray tan appointment. 

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