The cutting-edge Luxura Jewel sunbed is creating quite the buzz at the Tanning Shop, with its imminent arrival at our Manchester Central and Bayswater stores! 

But what sets the Luxura Jewel apart from the rest of the Hapro range? 

This state-of-the-art bed contains 13 full-body unique tanning booster lamps, strategically equipped with both UVA and UVB power LEDs. The reflectors of the UVA power LEDs promise an immediate and visible glowing tan while the UVB power LEDs work to establish a radiant base tan and effectively support the production of vitamin D.

The Luxura Jewel, coming soon to a store near you. - The Tanning Shop

The Jewel is also the first bed across the entire Tanning Shop estate that contains revitalising yellow LED light. 

With features including full LED facials, integrated shoulder tanners as well as collagen-stimulating red light and revitalising yellow light, this bed provides an unrivalled tanning experience. 

Not only is Jewel home to these outstanding tanning and skincare features it also embraces modern convenience with Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless charger for your phone and surround sound. 

Stay tuned as Manchester and Bayswater become the next destinations to house Jewel.