The Tanning Shop in Openshaw and Swadlincote have welcomed a new era of tanning this February! 

The luxury Hapro Jewel sunbed has been installed in both stores in the last couple of weeks. This industry-leading tanning bed combines a fusion of state-of-the-art sunbed features with initiative skincare and wellness technology including; Yellow & Red LEDs, UVA & UVB power LEDs.

But what do these new innovative features do?

State-of-the-art sunbeds arrive at Swadlincote & Openshaw - The Tanning Shop

Yellow Light LEDS 

Yellow light is known to give you energy and help you feel revitalised. So, enjoy some relaxation time during a tanning session and emerge feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Red Light LEDs

Red Light LEDs help to stimulate the natural collagen production, for beautifully soft and supple skin. 

UVA & UVB Power LEDs

The UVA LEDs provide you with an intensive tanning boost while minimising the risk of overexposure. The UVB power LEDs and reflectors ensure a lovely base tan and effectively build up your natural Vitamin D production. 

Full LED Facial tanner 

The facial tanners within this bed combine UVA & UVB powerLEDS, red LEDs and yellow LEDs. The ultimate combination for instantly-visible tanning results, gentle skincare and a revitalised feeling.

Wireless charger

Mobile phone out of battery? No problem! This bed is also fitted with a wireless charger. 

Are you ready to take your experience to the next level?