Optimising Your Autumn Glow - The Tanning Shop

It’s the first day of Autumn tomorrow! As we move through the seasons it’s important to look after your skin condition, especially with the change in weather. Let’s take a look at how we can optimise your tanning results and keep your skin glowing with our Autumn skincare and tanning tips

Make sure to keep your skin hydrated 

Has your skin texture changed over the last few weeks? As the weather changes from Summer to Autumn, many people often find that their skin texture becomes drier and less bright. Did you know one of the best ways to keep your skin glowing all year round is to keep hydrated both from the inside and out? Drinking plenty of water and moisturising daily will ensure you maintain your skin’s hydration levels. Dehydrated skin may start to feel dry, less bright and look tired. Dry skin may mean your tan fades more quickly and may slow down your results as dry skin is know to reflect UV rays. 

To boost your results, include Beta Carotene in your diet

 Did you know you can help to maintain the condition of your skin by eating foods that are rich in Beta-carotene? Foods with red-orange pigment such as carrots, mangos and sweet potatoes are rich in Beta Carotene.*

Get an added boost of Beta Carotene at the Tanning Shop with our signature recipe Tanning Shots! Tanning Shots are a juicy orange flavored drink, packed with vitamins including Beta Carotene designed to not only boost tanning results but improve skin condition over time.

 Consider the frequency of your sessions

 Already been on your summer holiday? Still have that ‘fresh from the pool-side glow’? Over time your skin sheds dead skin cells, which include those glowing tanned cells! These are then replaced with untanned new skin cells, meaning your skin returns to its original colour.

In order to maintain your tan into Autumn it is worth looking at how often you tan. Speak to a member of our team in-store for a personalised tanning plan to help maintain that golden glow! But always remember to leave a minimum of 24 hours between sessions.