The clocks have gone forward, so that means one thing, spring is here and those warm summer days are on their way!

So with summer on your mind, let us help you on your way to the ultimate summer tan with 4 easy steps.

Exposure time 

To build that glow you need to make sure you are building up your minutes gradually over time. This allows your skin to get used to the UV rays and avoid over-exposure! Slow and steady wins the race!


Keeping your skin moisturized between sessions, restoring hydration to your skin is essential. It will help keep your skin look fresh and help lengthen and deepen your tanning results. 


Gently exfoliating the skin is important to ensure any dry and dead skins are removed to create a blank canvas for your tan. The dry and dead skin cells can prolong your tanning journey as it will act as a barrier to the UV rays. 

Uv specific Lotions 

Always make sure to use UV specific lotions in your tanning sessions, these lotions include ingredients that not only help enhance tanning results but also help to nourish and hydrate your skin. There is a lotion for every skin type and tanning preference! Just ask a member of our team for more info

Get ahead of your summer holiday prep - The Tanning Shop

Follow these tips and whatever your plans are this summer, you will be sure to turn heads with a glowing tan from the Tanning Shop! 

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