If you’re a regular tanner a package is perfect for you. Purchasing a sunbed package works out cheaper than paying for ‘pay as you go’ minutes. Depending on your store location, there will be 60/75-minute & 100/120-minute sunbed packages available.

Your sunbed package has a 12-month expiry date from the date of purchase. Having a package will allow you to use your minutes as & when with no commitment to do the same number of minutes every session.

When you purchase a sunbed package, you will be asked to register your fingerprint this is just to keep your package secure. Every time you go to use your package, your fingerprint will be required for the transaction to process.

You can use your packages in other tanning shops that are the same or cheaper in price of the current package you have purchased. If the store is more expensive, this will mean your package will need to be converted and you are at risk of losing minutes. We advise getting packages converted only if you are going to continue tanning at the store. However, we would recommend paying as you go if it’s for a one-off tanning session

If you’re a super dedicated tanner then we have selected stores that have the option for a monthly unlimited membership, valid for one month ONLY. You can check if your local store offers monthly unlimited memberships on the website or in your local store.

Happy Tanning