Looking for a luxury tanning experience in Luton, look no further.

Luton Tanning Shop is home to state-of-the-art equipment to give you optimal tanning results. With a range of lay down tanning beds that you can choose from as well as stand up tanning beds. Let’s introduce to you the beds!

Harpo Vegaz Laydown is fitted with premium blue and red lamps combining intense tanning with skincare benefits! The bed has adjustable ventilation to allow you to have the most comfortable tanning session. Fancy listening to your own music? Not a problem this bed has the option to connect your phone via Bluetooth! Make your tanning experience as comfortable as possible with all these optional adjustments!

Next Luton has a lay down Matrix Tanning Bed, this bed has been designed to provide you with an all-over tan in comfort! Again, you can alter ventilation around the bed to make you experience as cool as you would like.

The Megasun 6900 is equipped with high-end LED’s that help boost collagen, including shoulder tanners for that complete tan. The Megasun also has three tanning option to choose from, Basic, Caribbean and Mediterranean, the setting you choose should be determined by your skin type! Tailor your tanning session to suit your skin!

Finally, the last laydown Luton is home to is the iBed this be is fitted with many features including aroma, breeze and iSound. The bed is known for an exceptional comfortable tanning session providing you with a complete even tan with the rotation of the UV lamps!

Luxury & Responsible Tanning Near You In Luton - The Tanning Shop

Luton also has a stand-up bed which provides you with 360-degree exposure to lamps with a unique design that allows you to manage your tanning preferences with smart touch control panel. Control the ventilation and your music on the bed with adjustable air-con and Bluetooth.

Not only does Luton have state-of-the-art equipment but is one of the cheapest tanning stores in Luton, starting at £0.75p/min!