Safe Sunbed Use – Getting to Know Your Skin Type

When it comes to safe sunbed use it crucial that your know your skin type. Here we share our advice on choosing the right one.

Always proceed with caution when selecting your skin type.

Sensitive: Often light blue, grey or green eye colour. Red/strawberry blonde hair, very pale natural skin colour, have a lot of freckles or all over skin, hardly tan with UV exposure, can’t stand sun exposure on face/sensitive, haven’t tanned in 2-3 months+

Fair: Often have blue, grey or dark green eyes, blonde/light natural hair colour, pale natural skin, more than a few freckles, tan slightly, slow developing tan, face can be sensitive to sun, last sunbed session was 1-2 months ago.

Medium: Often have Light brown/brown eye colour, Dark blonde/brown natural hair colour, medium natural skin colour, few freckles, tan reasonably well, quick developing tan, normal sensitivity to sun exposure on face, last sunbed session was 1-2 months ago.

Dark: Often have brown/dark brown eyes, dark brown/black natural hair, olive/black natural skin type, none to a couple of freckles, tan very easily/never burn, develop a tan instantly/rapidly, face rare/never reacts to sunshine, 1-30 days since last sunbathing session.