Are you ready to jump into the world of tanning? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the options of equipment to choose and their features? We’ve got your back. 

Here you will find all the features of the beds and a description to help you choose what you’d like to get from your tanning session! 

SunBed Jargon Busting

Bed Settings – Basic, Mediterranean, Caribbean – These are the 3 tanning settings that you will find on any Megasun tanning bed. Each provides a different UV output to suit different tanning journeys. Basic outputs an equal proportion of UVA and UVB.Mediterranean emits a higher proportion of UVA for faster tanning results and Caribic emits more UBV for a more intense tan. 

Facial Tanners – The majority of our beds are fitted with specific Facial Tanners. Facial tanners are a combination of specially coated filter discs and glass reflectors which provide comfortable facial tanning. Facial lamps can be controlled separately to the rest of the bed lamps.

Surround Cooling Plus – Imagine a gentle cooling sea breeze during your session! The bed provides a gentle stream of air to make your experience comfortable and relaxing 

Aqua Cool – Beds fitted with Aqua Cool spray gentle cooling water vapour over your body during your session. This can be controlled into zones to create maximum comfort.

Climatronic Plus – The temperature within the tanning bed is controlled by powerful air conditioning and heating known as climatronic control – ensures that you can enjoy the heat of the UV without becoming uncomfortable 

Red Light – Can reduce wrinkles fine lines and age spots. Red Light Therapy can also stimulate collagen production giving your skin its structural strength and elasticity.

Sunbed Jargon Busting - The Tanning Shop

Lotion Jargon Busting

DHA Bronzer – DHA bronzers are a type of delayed bronzer. These provide gradual colour following your session which develops fully between 8 – 24 hours from your session and can last up to seven days. (these have similar results to fake tan) 

Natual Bronzer – Natural immediate bronzers are made from natural ingredients such as caramel, henna, carrot oil and walnut shell. Naturals bronzers can last up to a couple of days but will wash off with water. (think instant fake tan)

Accelerator – Accelerator lotions are packed with ingredients to boost your natural tanning results as they encourage the skins melanin production. These are also known to some as intensifier lotions and contain no bronzer.

Now you know all about the tanning jargon, what are you waiting for?

*Source – Australian Gold