Sunbed tips for beginners!

Sunbed tips for beginners! - The Tanning Shop

Tanning for the first time, or returning to sunbed tanning after a little break? Here’s our quick guide for beginners!

Understanding Exposure Time

It’s important to follow the recommended exposure time for your sessions. Building up your exposure time gradually allows your skin to get used to the UV rays. You should start on minimum minutes determined by your skin type, which will be recommended by tanning consultants in-store. N.B. If you book online our appointments are 20 minutes long. This will not be the length of your tanning time.

Bed Type

Stand-up bed: The perfect bed for an all-over tan. Stand-up beds provide a spacious environment which enables you to move around easily during your session to minimise tan lines.

Laydown bed: The perfect choice to relax and unwind.

Or pick a premium package which allows you to use both stand up and laydown, the perfect combination.

Always use a lotion

Our stores have a range of lotions; Accelerators, Intensifiers & Bronzers. Not sure what to pick? Tanning consultants can advise the best lotion determined by your skin type and tanning preferences.

It’s important to always use a lotion during your tanning session as dry skin reflects UV light, which prevents your skin from absorbing UV rays and may have an impact on your overall tanning result. Using a UV lotion can improve your tanning results but up to 50%~

Remove makeup or cosmetics

Makeup and any other cosmetics can act as a barrier blocking your pores, which can stop your full tanning potential.

It can also cause uneven tanning results. It’s important to attend tanning sessions with no makeup or cosmetics on your skin. Free freshening wipes are provided every session for you should you wish to use these.