What to Wear on a Sunbed: A Complete Guide for the Perfect Tan

What to wear on a Sunbed? - The Tanning Shop

When deciding what to wear for your sunbed sessions, there are several factors to consider. Are you trying to avoid tan lines in specific areas? Do you want to eliminate existing tan lines? Are there sensitive areas you want to cover? Are there any areas you prefer not to tan?

The three most common choices are underwear, swimwear, or nude tanning. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each option!

Tanning in Swimwear

Some people choose to tan in their swimwear, especially if they are preparing for a holiday and want to maintain consistent tan lines while sunbathing by the pool or on the beach.

Even Tan: Provides an even tan with minimal tan lines.
Comfort: Swimsuits are designed for comfort and ease of movement.
Protection: Offers some protection for sensitive areas.
Tan Lines: Similar to swimwear, underwear can result in tan lines.

Tanning Naked

For those who prefer no tan lines, sunbathing naked when using a sunbed is the preferred choice. This gives an even all-over tan and can help to tan areas which would not be sun light on a normal day.

No Tan Lines: Achieve a completely even tan without lines.
Full Exposure: Maximum skin exposure to UV light for a more uniform tan.
Comfort Level: Not everyone is comfortable with nude tanning.
Sensitive areas of skin: Tanning naked may mean exposing areas of the skin which are not used to.
UV rays. You will need to build up your tanning time gradually if opting for nude tanning.

Whether you choose to tan clothed or in your birthday suit, the choice is entirely yours. All of our sunbeds are in individual private rooms that lock from the inside, giving you complete privacy.