Tanning Trivia - The Tanning Shop
Tanning Trivia - The Tanning Shop
Tanning Trivia - The Tanning Shop

Here at The Tanning Shop we get asked a lot of questions about our sunbeds, spray tan and tanning services so we wanted to make everyone aware that no matter how silly you think the question is, we completely understand why you ask them!

It could be your first time using a UV sunbed and you don’t know what to wear, it could be your first time using spray tan and you don’t want to have the ‘Ross from Friends’ look.

Anything you ask us via Live Chat, Social Media and Customer Services helps us understand what you all need to know more about! Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and The Tanning Shops answers!


Q1: Will I end up like Ross from Friends if I get a Spray Tan?

A: We have easy to follow instructions whilst you use the automated spray tanning machine. If you listen to the instructions and ask staff if you have any questions you will be absolutely fine and you will come out looking beautifully tanned!

Q2: is there any chance I could get trapped in the bed?

A: For those of you who have watched Final Destination you will know why this question is asked however there is no chance you could get stuck in any of our sunbeds and they automatically turn off after your minutes are up! We are super safe and want you to feel safe too! Our staff are all on hand to help if you want to take a look round store before your first session or have any questions at all on the beds!

Q3: What do i wear on a sunbed?

A: This is asked a lot more often than you would think! A lot of people have no idea what to wear on a sunbed and it is not for us to judge! You can wear whatever you want, a bikini, underwear, anything you would usually wear to tan in, it is complete personal preference! Do what you feel comfortable with all of our beds are in private rooms you can lock.

Q4: Do I have to turn around on a sunbed?

A: Sunbeds have lights all the way around the front and the back so you are tanning all over your body you do not need to turn around halfway through unlike when you are on holiday and you end up tanned at the front and not at the back because you prefer laying on your back!

Q5: The Sunbed is cold will i still tan?

A: The temperature of the sunbed has nothing to do with your tan. The UV output is the same on a cold bed and a hot bed. Sometimes you will find your bed is cold because you are one of the first customers to use it. Do not worry if your bed is cold you will still gain the same beautiful tan.


Tanning Trivia - The Tanning Shop
Tanning Trivia - The Tanning Shop