The KBL Megasun 7000 has arrived at The Tanning Shop Holborn!

The KBL Megasun 7000 sunbed is a state of the art tanning bed which is equipped with pureSunlight and smartSunlight tubes, which will give you an ideal tan and a beautiful skin tone. The KBL Megasun 7000 alphaHybrid is the powerhouse of the range and every outstanding feature of the sunbed can be controlled with a simple touch of the screen, just like your smartphone or tablet!



Using one of the most advanced software systems in sunbed tanning the KBL Megasun 7000 provides a complete tanning solution to even the most experienced tanners.

The KBL 7000 alphaHybrid has the highest performing combination of pureSunlight and smartSunlight for an especially satisfying tanning result.

That’s not all the KBL7000 doesn’t just tan, with its Smart Light Technology (SLT) for the face and décolleté it combines sunlight and soothing beauty light in an innovative high pressure system. The result: Especially pleasant, gentle tanning, a beautiful skin appearance and a fresh glow. 


This highly advanced tanning bed will be very popular so BOOK ONLINE NOW or call our Holborn Store to avoid disappointment.

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