Booking Confirmation - The Tanning Shop
Booking Confirmation - The Tanning Shop

Your booking is confirmed! You are one step closer to your perfect tan! 


Due to the volume of bookings we respectfully request that you arrive at reception 5 minutes prior to your appointment time and alert staff of your arrival and that you have pre-booked. Please state your appointment time and the equipment booked as this helps us to ensure your chosen bed is sanitized fully & ready for you to enjoy your tanning experience with the UK’s number 1 provider!

If you have any questions you can contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter or you can email customerservices@tfgg.co.uk

If you wish to make a change to your booking or to cancel, you can do this online via https://thetanningshop.co.uk/portal-demographics/


Did you know you can now buy online!

Can’t make it into store and need to top up your package? No problem, go to our ‘buy packages online‘ tab at the top of the page, you will then be asked to log into your account, then all you need to go is select your store, take a look at the pricing table at the top of the page and select your package! It really is that simple! 

Take a look at the benefits of using lotion!
  • Natural ingredients to maintain the condition of your skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated for a deeper and longer lasting tan
  • Your natural skin reflects UV, a lotion prevents this
  • We have specific lotions for skin conditions
  • Instant colour (with specific lotions)
  • Increased tanning potential
  • Reduces skin ageing
Booking Confirmation - The Tanning Shop
Booking Confirmation - The Tanning Shop