The Tanning Shop know that there are a wide range of health benefits associated with exposure to UV light. Following a responsible tanning programme can produce not only a gorgeous tan, but can also promote Vitamin D production, a feeling of well-being through serotonin production and a long list of other health benefits





13133111_10154115079211866_87467101581030731_nA new article by Dr Sarah Brewer details a number of research papers that demonstrate the link between short, frequent UV exposure and the lowering of blood pressure.



A short period of exposure to UV light creates enough Nitric Oxide in the body to lower the blood pressure for about an hour by causing blood vessels to dilate. So not only is an indoor tanning session a chance to relax and unwind the mind, but the body responds and relaxes in many ways too.



UV light is not only good for lowering blood pressure; the article goes on to explain how it contributes to reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease and many other serious medical conditions.



whiteWe always recommend using SPF lotion in outdoor sunlight when undertaking an indoor tanning programme. One of the main benefits of indoor tanning is that it is measurable and usage can be tracked.



At The Tanning Shop, you can be assured of the most innovative equipment in a modern, professional environment with trained Tanning Consultants on hand to assist you with your personal tanning plan.



Our registration process is designed to identify skin type and tanning history in order to determine session length while the fantastic Sun Angel lie-down bed employs sensor technology to provide tailored lamp activity for a fixed 20 minute session.






Our tanning consultants are always happy to help clients choose equipment and to advise about our wide range of UV and self-tanning lotions to suit individual preferences and tanning goals



Whether you use indoor tanning to boost your Vitamin D, build a tan, or get a spray tan for a special occasion, The Tanning Shop has the solution to suit you. Why not visit your local store today, we are always happy to see you!





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